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RedBird Studio (SRC.E)
Recording, Mixing, Mastering Suite

RedBird Studio (SRC.E) is a recording studio located in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan, originally founded on 42nd Street in 2004. Situated in the top corner of the Music Building in the same space previously tenanted by Madonna, the studio offers clients an intimate creative workspace just steps from Times Square.

SRC.E is optimized for Live Recording, MIDI Programming, Vocal Overdubs, Mixing and Mastering. Please contact us for the latest equipment list.

There are three rehearsal studios adjacent to E, allowing additional space for live tracking or staging: The Corduroy Room, The Jazz Loft, and Onpoint Studio.

If our facilities cannot accommodate your immediate needs, we also recommend the following qualified local music recording establishments in Midtown:

Manhattan Center Studios

Sear Sound

Quad Studios

Pyramid Recording

Photographer: Max Di Biaggio (2015)


RedBird Studio E - Floorplan

There are 3 windows for sightlines between the recording booth and control room, which allow musicians to utilize all of the available space during ensemble recordings.  

There are minimal fixtures in the studio, so that the layout can be customized to suit the needs of each project.  The entire studio measures 12.5' x 17'.  

studio share
For music technology, we use Pro Tools 12 within a proprietary analog-digital hybrid system
Please contact us to discuss your setup and software needs.
House default format is: 44.1kHz / 24-bit / Broadcast Wave / 30 NDF 



Marathon Drum Kit (20" kick)

Line6 Bass Pod Pro

Line6 Pod Pro

Yamaha MO8 Keyboard

Standard & Mini Bongos

Elliptical Shakers


Dynaudio BM5a Mkiii


Cues (2 mixes, 10 headphone feeds)

Echo Chambers:

Small Chamber

East Stairwell Rundown

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