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MusicNetwork Proshop

Technical Sound Services
About Proshop
As a service to our colleagues in the music recording field, MusicNetwork offers its technical sound services and surplus wares through its Engineering Division’s Proshop, specializing in the following offerings:

Instrument Service, Customization and Repair

Cable Construction and Repair

Touring & Remote Kits

Studio Construction

Acoustical Design

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Tardis Log: 

  • Technical Sound Services
    NY, LA, Nashville, London
  • Content Transfer to Network
    Upload Incoming Files via
  • MusicNetwork Proshop @
    MusicNetwork Proshop Custom (MPC) builds and surplus inventory are available via our online store on
  • RedBird Studio, Manhattan (SRC.E)
    RedBird Studio is a recording studio located in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan. The studio offers clients an intimate creative workspace just steps from Times Square.  Buildout: MusicNetwork Proshop and Radian Records.
  • Coffeehouse Buildout @ SRC Manhattan
    Here is what used to be the wood pile. Fabric Selection: EagleStar Wars Frame; LuisDoorseal: Mister KoolOG Barista: Manimal
  • AES Harness Pinouts
    They agreed on MIDI, but....

Technical Sound Services
By Special Request